Frosty 5k – Jan 28, 2017

Summary – Frosty 5K, January 28
 22:21, 1st in AG, 4th overall female

Mile 1    7:08
Mile 2   7:08
Mile 3   7:17
Mile .21 6:32 pace 

PR by over 30 seconds.
Temp: 28 degrees, 12 mph

*Trying* to approach this as a fitness check-in, see where I’m at.  Feeling some trepidation going in:

  • Never raced in true winter
  • Not sure where I’m really at.  Last race was 11/13 (went out too fast and couldn’t hang on mi 3). Dec training wasn’t as strong as I wanted. January was better.
  • First time racing with Often Running/Saucony racing tank on and I wanted to represent.  Beyond grateful for this opportunity, after training with many racing team members thru 2016, joining this elite team was a personal goal.  I want to contribute to + share in the successes of this team. 

Coach Clint instructions: 2m WU (I worried it would be too long), first race mile target at 7:10 (I worried too fast and thought I should be 7:15-7:20). 

Did my normal bfast drill: oatmeal, coffee, banana+pumpkin.

Arrived with race crew, grabbed bib, hit bathroom, and tried to figure out what gear to warm up in + race in. I’m usually cold, but also didn’t want to overdress. Double + triple layered on for the warm up.  Ran a mile out on the race course and a mile back…the wind felt stronger than I anticipated.  My legs felt heavy on that two miles. Worried I used up energy I needed to race.  Switched into long tights, base layer + OR tank + new saucony fastwitch racing flats. Worried my saucony Brisk gloves + headband/ear warmer wouldn’t be warm enough. Didn’t have a ton of time to debate and just went with it.  Had time for a few quick strides and made my way to the start.  Did my normal starting line prayer + mental mantra process as I waited for the GO.

Felt decent off the line, didn’t think I was too fast.  Watched out for those white poles (thanks, Carol!), and the pack started stretching out.  I should be at 3:35 to 3:40 at the .5 mi.  Hit that point on my garmin and I was at 3:30….NOOOOO!!!! tried to settle myself and do some deeper breathing to calm.  Had a girl cut me off back and forth a couple of times and just had to move up.  Hit the 1 mi course marker and garmin said 7 flat. 😳. But it didn’t register on garmin for the mile until 7:08.  Started to stress I was too fast and would die, but quickly had to tell myself, “I feel ok, this is what Clint recommended, and I have a wind push right now.  I’m good”.  Wanted to keep that pace for the next mile if I could. I knew that from  the turn around to the finish, I would be in wind and the real work would begin. Seeing everyone flip before me was motivating, everyone looked strong.  My hubs + kIddos made it and were cheering! Yes!!! I needed that extra “go mommy go”!  Mile two buzzed in at  7:08!  That third mile…yikes. Really having to work to not die off. The stomach pukes were already in full swing + my breathing was much more labored. Focused on form and on my breathing.  There were a couple of guys 75 feet ahead and I thought maybe I could close the gap… it was a huge mental boost for me as I got closer to them, when my body was telling me I was done.  But what wasn’t a boost was the super strong cologne. Downwind. I knew I had to either back off or pass or I would literally puke from the Old Spice situation.  I worried I wouldn’t have enough left to pass them, keep moving (and not get passed back), and finish strong.  BUT. I. WENT. My watch was at 2.6 and I just kept telling myself, 2 breaths in, 2 breaths out, I can do anything for 4 min.  Saw my fam one more time, Clint, then Rach cheering me and telling me the finish was just around the corner, GO!!  And Clint said “GET ON YOUR TOES!” 🤔 good idea!  Thx, Coach!  I didn’t look at my 3mi split, I just WENT AS HARD AS I COULD up the slight incline, the turn, the finish, on my toes. Crossed the line, stopped my garmin 👏 and it said overall pace 7:10. 😳

Cheered the rest of my teammates+ pals in, and ran back to the car to change into dry and warmer clothes.  Lots of joy + success with everyone.  Did a brief cool down and ran to the awards ceremony.  So thrilled to be among a strong group of athletes.  The entire team placed, Rachel and I both PR’d, as well as our friend Tanya.  We all celebrated at One World with too much food 😍. After analyzing my race on garmin, I wonder if I could have negative split the race without the wind. Or did I not kick in my finish soon enough (only last 1:05 of race was increased speed). 


  • Trust… Myself. My coach. My training.  Clint was on point 👌 with my warm up + pacing + what to expect. 
  • I didn’t freeze, my gear was on point for me, including the lighter gloves + no hat.  More would have been too much and a distraction.  Fastwitch flats felt amazing.
  • My body CAN move that fast in winter temps!

I know that not every race will have a PR and such a positive environment, and when those days come, I want to soak it all in.  I’m beyond thankful for this opportunity!  Thank you, thank you, to Mitch, Often Running, and Saucony.  

Humbled + Thankful

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