B E T T E R together

Together we have the best runs, the best laughs, the best food, and the best races.  My girl running squad has all the feels.  Beyond blessed!

We were all geared up the morning our running coach dropped us off in Shirley, IL (population: 378).  This was a 15 mile point to point, on an unseasonably warm January day.  We were all rockin our “better together” bracelets from momentumjewelry.com that Rachel gifted to us at Christmas.  Love it so much!!

Clockwise from the top: Garmin Forerunner920xt + Saucony Zealot, Garmin Forerunner 735XT + Saucony Ride, Garmin Fenix3 + Saucony Kinvara, Garmin Forerunner 620 + Saucony Freedom.

I trained in + raced in two different pair of Rides last year for the Chicago Marathon.  They feel more cushy to me than the Kinvaras do (that’s just me) and I love them for going the distance.  I love the Garmin 735XT and am still playing around with all things GarminConnect.  This watch has wrist heartrate…although accuracy is questionable while running compared to the chest strap.  It has multi-sport…you know, for that tri someday.  I loved this Garmin until I saw the white + rose gold Fenix 3 -ha ha.  I would have saved up and gone for a little fashion over function in this case, tbh.


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