By the S P I R I T

I love this message from God to Zechariah, about the stalled construction in Jerusalam that civil leader Zerrubabel was struggling with.  The work would not be finished, even with the city’s resources, or by Zerrubabel’s own strength, but the work would get done with the Spirit’s help + grace.  The word Spirit here is ruah (spirit + breath + wind), the same word for Spirit that’s used in Genesis’ creation and in Exodus for the parting of the Red Sea (one of my fav life metaphors).  Ruah is inside of us – helping us do the work of God, with grace and with glory to Him.

What is stalled in your life or what are you struggling through in frustration?  How can we turn and leverage God’s Spirit to GET.IT.DONE. ?  Join me today in regrouping, refocusing, and resting…join me in focusing on God’s Spirit to fuel my finish.

My prayer today is from Romans 8:11-27.

God, thank you for giving me the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, and is alive and living in me.  Help me to remember that I am YOUR CHILD first, before anything else.  Please guide me  to not walk in fear.  Help  me overcome my weaknesses, praying when I don’t have the words, and forever interceding on my behalf.  Thank you for the example in Zechariah, showing the need to leverage the Spirit to have a complete + finished product.   Amen

Want to learn more about Zechariah?  Here’s a resource that is much smarter than me! Study Guide for Zechariah 4 by David Guzik

Want to learn more about the Spirit?  Here’s a quick video outline and here’s a resource that is much smarter than me! Spirit – Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology Online


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