Presidential Half Marathon


9th in AG (1220 total finishers)

I feel kind of silly writing a race report for this half marathon (since it’s for pace training), so this will be brief.  Make sure to read Rachel’s race report first, she has all the fun stuff about the day. 😍

Keepin’ it honest at Honest Abe’s Half Marathon!  Snuck down to Springfield early a few Saturday’s ago, to use this race as a training run for my full in Champaign.  It was harder than I anticipated to not race this thing, and instead use it to drill in my goal marathon pace. 😬😂 I just had to keep reminding myself that this is not my A race and keep my eyes on the prize. I’m not great at pacing so I really needed this training. And needed to see where I was really at.  Wore my same team gear as I did at St. Patty’s + it was perfect.  Love my Sauc Rides 😍

Clint outlined the following plan for me:

1:22:30   10 miles @8:15

0:24:20    3.1 at 7:50 (if feeling good, no pressure)

1:46:50    total


And here’s the overview of how it went:

Springfield half ACTUAL

1:22:30.46   10 miles at 8:15.046 avg pace

0:24:11.44    3.1 miles at 7:48 avg pace

1:46:41.90    total

Most of the miles were on point right around the 8:15, I had a couple of outliers at 8:22 + 8:11.

I didn’t have the “race energy” at the start – I’m guessing since I knew I wasn’t racing.   So while I didn’t have to fight to slow down, it did feel manageable and easy those first few miles.  Once I hit the 10k mark I felt like “ok, now I’m having to work and focus more to keep this pace”…and from 6-10 miles there was random elevation and I really did have to watch it to stay on track.  Not easy street.  But not mean muggin’ it either.  The last 3.1 came and even though I felt like I was already working, I thought, well try to negative split this and see how I feel. Mile 11 was 8:01. Mile 12 was 8:03, and then I must have decided to push more and came in at 7:27.   I didn’t give a full out race effort in the end, but did work hard and pushed.

I was happy with being able to stay on track for the most part with my goal marathon pace. As for what I learned… I don’t know if my logic is valid but here it goes:

I did 10 miles at race pace, 3.1 at a 7:48. If I would have kept those last 3 at 8:15, I think my fitness level would be able to stretch that out to do 16-17 miles at that 8:15. Take out the elevation of this course since Champaign is flat, and that gives me a mile.  Give me a couple of miles for “race day adrenaline”… now I’m up to 20.  So that last 6.2 will be some extra mojo from taper rest, mental toughness, and desire to lock it in.  HOW BAD DO I WANT IT?  We shall see 😂😂😂 In all seriousness, I feel like I’ve trained for 20 weeks (thanks, Clint!), and my body is ready for this marathon…if the weather is halfway decent and nutrition/GI is on point, I should be able to hit my goal of 3:37 (3:40 BQ qual std).  

Back to this Half, the absolute best part of the day was by far, Rachel CRUSHING her PR, and Carol taking home the W in her AG.  Only wish I could have stayed longer to celebrate them (had to race back to town for a bridal shower). 

Thanks to everyone for supporting me – Mitch, Often Running, Saucony, and each of my teammates has been a huge boost in my training + confidence.  Wouldn’t be where I am with this awesome network.  

I said brief. Whoops. 🙈 



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