IMG_6117This is a really easy, really yummy option for brunch.  I’ve been making egg bakes since I was 18. And while I have never loved eggs 😂 I still try from time to time. This recent frittata was a yummo hit!  So…frittata, egg bake, strata, quiche…so many names + recipes: they’re basically all siblings in the same fam. Some have a pastry crust, some have potatoes and milk, etc. The frittata starts on the stove top and finishes in the oven – sans any crust. Great for GF friends!

Here’s what I happened to have and use… but go thru your own fridge and see what you can throw together.

Two cloves garlic – minced
One small onion – diced
Asparagus – chopped into 2 inch pieces
Kale – stripped from stems, 1/2 cup
Sugar-free Bacon – 3 strips cut into 1 inch pieces
Goat cheese crumbles – 1/2 cup
Cherry tomatoes – one cup, quartered
Chives – 1/4 cup
Dozen eggs
Salt + Pepper
Skillet – oven safe and at least 10 inch

Preheat oven to 350. Start your skillet on medium heat with EVOO, and add the garlic + onions. After a minute, add the asparagus and bacon and let that sauté for about 5 min, stirring here and there. You can whisk your eggs + S/P in a separate bowl during this time. Go back to your skillet after 5 and add the Kale and let that get soft in a minute. Remove from heat. Add your tomatoes, goat cheese, chives and stir around. Pour the eggs over the top and put in the oven. These quantities fill my skillet – and bakes for about 25 min. If your skillet is smaller you can reduce the amount of veg + eggs, and cooktime.


This really was an easy creation – I had a few things on hand and did some google searching to see what I could make + created this hybrid of a recipe.  This would be a great idea for Sunday brunch using Saturday night taco bar leftovers.  I’m not a meat eater, but my husband LOVES this Pederson’s sugar free bacon (we found it at Fresh Thyme) and so I added it…this could easily be adapted for meat free, dairy free, etc.



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