Indy Monumental 11/4/27

Indy Monumental11/4/173:43, PR3rd Marathon10k split - 52:43 (8:31 pace, 1632 rank)13.1 mi split - 1:50:44 (8:28 pace, 1577 rank)30k split 0 2:38:18 (8:30 pace, rank 1476)26.2 - 3:43:56 (8:33 pace, 1264 rank)SPOILER ALERT: All is well and I’m happy.  That’s all ya need to know, right 🙂 DECIDING ON INDYAfter getting sick and missing my … Continue reading Indy Monumental 11/4/27



DNS 3 little letters.  While I wish it stood for  Dessert Never Sucks, or Darling New Shoes.... it doesn’t.     Did.Not.Start. DID NOT START!   Who knew that these 3 little words would carry so much anguish?  I don't want to overdramatize my experience (who, me? 😂🤷‍♀️), but I do want to get real, share what … Continue reading DNS


This is a really easy, really yummy option for brunch.  I've been making egg bakes since I was 18. And while I have never loved eggs 😂 I still try from time to time. This recent frittata was a yummo hit!  So...frittata, egg bake, strata, many names + recipes: they're basically all siblings in … Continue reading Frittata