2017: Best, Barfo, ‘Barrassing

A look back at running in 2017, thankful for a great year! (more pics + details in the underlined links) Fav Training Love Run - this was a fun run at my house in Feb, and fun for so many reasons. First, having people over, having people together, and running with people, all things I … Continue reading 2017: Best, Barfo, ‘Barrassing



DNS 3 little letters.  While I wish it stood for  Dessert Never Sucks, or Darling New Shoes.... it doesn’t.     Did.Not.Start. DID NOT START!   Who knew that these 3 little words would carry so much anguish?  I don't want to overdramatize my experience (who, me? 😂🤷‍♀️), but I do want to get real, share what … Continue reading DNS