Kirby Derby 10K – 5/12/18

Kirby Derby 10K5/12/18Monticello, IL4th female OA, 3rd in AG 30-3970 degrees, 9mph wind, 157 ft elevation gain 45:19, 7:19 paceThis is the 2nd event in the Triple Crown series for Allerton. If you follow along my race reports (actually read them 🤣) you may remember that the first installment of the triple crown, I “fun … Continue reading Kirby Derby 10K – 5/12/18


The Lake Run Half Marathon 5/5/18

The Lake Run 5/5/18 3rd female 1st in AG 1:45:36 70 degrees at start, 5mph wind I decided on the half for several reasons - a couple being that the half is somewhat fading out, and there were some attempts to keep it alive.  I’ve never done this half, and never truly raced a half … Continue reading The Lake Run Half Marathon 5/5/18

He Wants Us

It’s been a fun (and humbling!) few months as a guest journalist for the BibleJournal project! If you’ve been following along, you know the journalists share their experiences with the scripture assigned to them for that day. We don’t choose them 😁 Today we are on Psalms 51, which became part of my salvation story … Continue reading He Wants Us