Chick ‘N’ Salad

This adapted chicken salad recipe has becomes a quick + easy fav of mine - especially as a post-run refuel. It has protein, carbs, and sodium, and I believe that's why my body CRAVES It after long runs. I may have dipped my way through a double batch after my last twenty miler 😉 This … Continue reading Chick ‘N’ Salad


Nutrition + Hydration

Two of the most common questions I get, especially for people going after their first marathon.  I usually say "HOW WOULD I KNOW?!?!" Ha ha, but in all honesty, a couple of things I always share: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE It takes time and trial and error to figure this out.  And I'm not in any … Continue reading Nutrition + Hydration


This is a really easy, really yummy option for brunch.  I've been making egg bakes since I was 18. And while I have never loved eggs 😂 I still try from time to time. This recent frittata was a yummo hit!  So...frittata, egg bake, strata, many names + recipes: they're basically all siblings in … Continue reading Frittata