Frosty 5K – 1/27/18

1/27/18 Peoria, IL 9:00 am 39 degrees, 7mph wind 22:05, 7:04 avg 1st in 36-45 AG Again, on the fence to race this…having somewhat of a fitness test last week at Chilly, wishing this were a couple more weeks out so I can get more speed workouts in, and just overall the kids schedule for … Continue reading Frosty 5K – 1/27/18


Chilly Chili – 1/20/18

Chilly Chili 1/20/18 Hudson, IL 1:00 pm 43 degrees, 10mph wind 32:22, 7:24 avg 1st Female Overall My first Chilly Chili, and my first race of 2018! I didn’t have this on my radar - somewhat of a whim that it happened. I had been wanting to connect with Coach Carol and soak in some … Continue reading Chilly Chili – 1/20/18


DNS 3 little letters.  While I wish it stood for  Dessert Never Sucks, or Darling New Shoes.... it doesn’t.     Did.Not.Start. DID NOT START!   Who knew that these 3 little words would carry so much anguish?  I don't want to overdramatize my experience (who, me? 😂🤷‍♀️), but I do want to get real, share what … Continue reading DNS