Getting Fit for Heaven

Today’s readings for the project come from 1 Samuel 14 and Psalm 15. Yes, it’s mid February. And yes, we are still listening to Christmas Carols. HA!!!  And earlier this week my four year old son asked me to pause the song and wanted to know what the third verse of Away in a … Continue reading Getting Fit for Heaven


Rejoice, Repent, Relinquish

Rejoice, Repent, Relinquish 1 Samuel 2 & Psalms 3 In today’s readings we follow three attitudes and approaches to God from three different people (Hannah, the Sons of Eli, David). 1 Samuel outlines Hannah’s song of praise and then in contrast, the choices of the worthless sons of Eli.  Turning to Psalms we find David’s … Continue reading Rejoice, Repent, Relinquish